Parapente Valley

Parasailing ,  Supervision ,  Introductory course ,  Advanced course at Montvalent
  • Located in the Cirque de Montvalent above the village of Floirac, all types of flight can be undertaken. From the calm conditions of early morning to the powerful thermals generated in the afternoon and the gentle restitution of heat from the cliffs in the evening, there's something for everyone. The relatively small differences in altitude enable plenty of training flights to take place without hindering experienced flyers: record altitude 3000 m and distance 180 km.
  • Services
    • Return by bus
Payments methods
  • Cheques and giro cheques
  • Cash
  • Rates
  • Base rate
    60 €
  • Base rate
    120 €
  • From March 15, 2017 until October 31, 2017
  • * Selon conditions météorologiques
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