Village et roque d'AutoireVillage et roque d'Autoire
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Explore the Lot

The subsoil of the Lot is equal to what we discover on the surface: richness and beauty !

Caves and chasms

How can you imagine, while walking in the Lot, in its causses and valleys, that an incredible underground life exists. You can rediscover your child’s soul by discovering the magical world of caves. If the most known are Padirac, Cougnac, Lacave, Pech Merle, the phosphatières of Cloup d’aural or the cave of the wonders in Rocamadour and the small last one the cave of Carbonnières in Lacave, there are a lot more which will keep their secrets forever.

Flavors of the Lot

Land of excellent local products and gastronomy, the Lot awakens all the taste buds.

From the market stall to the menu of starred restaurants, you can taste black truffles, Rocamadour cheese accompanied by a glass of Cahors wine, Quercy melon, saffron, or Quercy farm lamb… All the flavours and quality of local products can be found in your plate.