Cazelle à Marcilhac-Sur-CéléCazelle à Marcilhac-Sur-Célé
©Cazelle à Marcilhac-Sur-Célé|Cyril Novello

Built heritage

Here, we grow rocks !

A rich heritage, like an open book on our history.

In the Causses du Quercy, both in the landscape and in heritage, stone is omnipresent. According to the local adage, “here, we make stones grow”. The dolmens, low walls, caselles, which flourish everywhere on the Causse are there to testify : the wealth of this territory is its stone!

Nearly 5 500 years ago, Neolithic people erected impressive megalithic tombs : the dolmens. There are 365 in the territory of the Park. From Livernon to Gréalou, from Miers to Limogne, you will discover them during your walks on the hiking trails.

Strolling through the villages, you will discover a typical rural architecture made from stone: butterfly wash houses, wells, caselles and gariottes (shepherds’ shelters), dovecotes … not to mention the dry stone walls which form a network of several hundred of kilometers on the causse.

Would you like to contribute to the preservation of this heritage?  The Park and its partner associations regularly organize workcamps to restore low walls.