Main et ponctuations rouges - Grotte du Pech MerleMain et ponctuations rouges - Grotte du Pech Merle
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Prehistory and painted caves

Stone as a witness

Prehistory, the period when the art of the very first men left its imprint in the decorated caves of the Lot.

What is the role of man in all this? Man arrived on the Causses du Quercy nearly 200,000 years ago for Neanderthal and nearly 35,000 years ago for Homo Sapiens. They left many traces of their passage, especially in stone. Thus, today there are about twenty decorated caves, marked by their passage on these Lot lands.

Cave art as an expression

The Pech Merle cave is one of the most emblematic. A jewel of prehistoric art, it reveals its authentic paintings, over 25,000 years old. Our distant ancestors descended into the depths of the Earth to draw mammoths, horses, bison, human figures… not forgetting the famous negative hand that has become the symbol of the Regional Natural Park: here, the link between man and stone reveals all its splendour. A must see !

The history of men as a legacy

In Miers, the Archéosite des Fieux also testifies to a very long human occupation. First as a hunting trap for Neanderthal, then as a shelter and a place of artistic expression for modern man, this natural cavity has been used by men for nearly 80 000 years. To follow into their footsteps, take part in one of the many activities organized on the site : flint knapping, hunting with a thruster, cave art…

Prehistory will have no more secrets for you !