La Spiruline d'Olt

Seaweed at Saint-Martin-Labouval

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  • Water, warmth, movement, a restful setting and a very attentive producer, spirulina requires nothing more than this to grow here in the Lot. What's spirulina? A micro-algae which is one of the oldest foodstuffs known to Man and is particularly known for its immune system boosting, detoxifying and revitalising properties. Adrien Galaret cultivates spirulina using ecological methods on the Causse of Saint Martin Labouval. He is a fount of knowledge on the subject of this micro-algae, and his passion leads him to devote himself to research into biological aquaculture.
  • Activities
    • Visit to the farm
  • Equipment
    • Car park
    • Drinking water fountain
Payment methods
  • Cheques and giro cheques
  • Cash
  • From May 11, 2020 until September 30, 2020
  • * Visites sur rendez-vous
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