Chemin de la Fontaine de Peyrebru

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Chamarand

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15.5 km
  • From deep woodland shade to bright uplands, this path takes you via valleys and plateaux all around the village of Saint-Chamarand. Observing the vegetation will tell you a lot about the soil in which it grows. In the Bouriane, zones where the original strata are overlaid by deposits dating from the siderolithic period (70 million yrs ago) alternate with other zones where the older limestone is visible on the surface. The former favour the growth of chestnuts and conifers. The latter are the preferred terrain of the pubescent oak. Also known here as the "black oak" because of the colour of its bark, it is the most common tree in the Lot. Not very tall, it never completely loses its foliage.
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