Circuit de Ponts en Ports

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Souillac

11.0 km
2h 45min
Souillac : Vue sur la Rivère dordogne
Souillac : Abbaye Sainte Marie de Souillac
Souillac : Château de Cieurac
  • A rocky path going up through woods to the plateau gives you the chance to see a rich variety of plants in spring. "Gabariers" (boatmen) who had come down from Argentat with their cargoes of heart of oak (merrain) for barrel-making and of chestnut stakes (carassonne) for vine-growing used to stop off in Souillac, at the port of Larroumet where the wood was transferred to other boats, "les couraus" which went on down to Libourne. It took three days to make the 200 km journey downriver, taking advantage of the "eaux marchandes", or trading waters, from early autumn to the end of spring.
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