Circuit ENS La Couasne de Floirac

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8.5 km
2h 15min
Vue sur le Château de Mirandol - ENS de Floirac_08 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Espace Naturel Sensible de la Couasne de Floirac
Floirac : Chemin et Murets de Pierres Sèches
Balade sur l'ENS de Floirac_01 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Berges de la Dordogne - ENS de Floirac_02 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Balade sur l'ENS de Floirac_03 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Au milieu des champs - ENS de Floirac_04 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Château de Mirandol sur la Dordogne - ENS de Floirac_05 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Cueillette de fleurs sauvages - ENS de Floirac_06 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
La faune  - ENS de Floirac_07 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Halte sur les berges de la Dordogne - ENS de Floirac_09 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Panneaux directionnels - ENS de Floirac_10 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Champs de blé_11 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Village de Floirac - ENS de Floirac _12 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Borne d'interprétation - ENS de Floirac_13 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Pont sur la Dordogne - ENS de Floirac_14 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Grange en pierre - ENS de Floirac_15 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
Borne d'interprétation - ENS de Floirac_16 © Lot Tourisme - C. ORY
  • This very varied walk in the commune of Floirac, with a stream, a "couasne" or backwater, a mill, fountain, wayside cross and dry stone walls is a sheer delight ! Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Environnement Naturel Sensible) are remarkable but fragile ecological reserves which benefit from a management and enhancement scheme undertaken by the Lot General Council in partnership with local authorities and and various other participants. The Couasne de Floirac ESA is characterised by the constant remodelling of the land by the river Dordogne, with remarkable waterside stretches and a "couasne" or backwater which is of great ecological and visual interest.
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