La Boucle des Sompes

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Escamps

12.5 km
3h 30min
Escamps - Chemin et Murets de Pierres Sèches© Lot Tourisme C. Novello
Escamps : Vue sur le Village
Escamps : Lavoir Papillon
  • Between the wells and butterfly laundry stones which are dotted around the large doline of the village of Escamps and the woods of truffle oaks, this walk will give you a real insight into the Limogne-Lalbenque causse. 150 million years ago, this region was covered by a vast sea. Sediments were deposited in its depths, eventually becoming layers of limestone rock which, when the sea retreated, were exposed to erosion and dissolution through the effect of rainwater. This, chasms, caves, and dolines (saucer-shaped depression caused by dissolution) were formed. "Ouvalas" is the name given to large dolines or to those that merge.
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