Le circuit de Linac

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11.0 km
3h 15min
  • A ramble in the Ségala, with its landscapes and typical rural buildings. In contrast to the arid Causses, the Ségala's countryside is always green. In summer, the high country of the Lot is "a spell of shade and freshness", according to the writer Pierre Benoît who loved staying here. The name "Ségala" is a reminder of the importance of the rye crop here in times gone by. (Ségala = rye in Occitan). In the south, close to the Figeac basin, the streams which flow down into the Célé have carved out deep, wooded vales, isolating the hilltop villages along the crests in between. The traditional houses have flat roofs covered with pantiles, giving them a very Southern look.
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