Promenade en Limargue

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Aynac

7.5 km
1h 45min
Aynac - Château du XVème
Prairie Fleurie en Limargue
Château d'Aynac© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Arrivée au Hameau du Pech Rougié© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Aynac - Chemin en Sous Bois© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Aynac - Chemin et Muret© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Aynac - Chêne sur le Circuit du Limargue© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Aynac - Ruisseau© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
Aynac - Paysage du Limargue en Hiver© Lot Tourisme - A. Leconte
  • Starting from Aynac, this not very difficult walk will take you around the Limargue area along shady paths. The Château d’Aynac : standing in 10 hectares of grounds, the property is surrounded by a stone wall and crossed by a stream. Built during the Renaissance (15th and 16th C.) by par Jacquette de Ricard de Genouillac who belonged to the family of the Lord of Assier. Aynac was for a long while a fief held by the Turenne family, who were opposed to the powerful Cardaillacs. The illustrious family line ended in 1906 at the time of the separation of State and Church property. The commune acquired it 1972.
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