Sentier des Moines d'Aubazine

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Michel-de-Bannières

13.9 km
3h 45min
Saint Michel de Bannières : Eglise Saint Michel
  • This walk provides a wealth of heritage and landscapes in which is made manifest the power of the lords of St-Michel and the industrious presence of the Benedictine monks of Aubazine... In the area known as the Limargue, where the Tourmente has carved out a broad valley, the hills are crowned with the picturesque silhouettes of castles. This is the case of Blanat castle, which stands on the edge of the wooded plateau from which there is a comprehensive view of the valley. The castle was built in the late 15th C by Gausbert de Blanat, the joint lord of Saint-Michel de Bannières. During the Middle Ages, the Tourmente plain was much coveted by the other abbeys in the area.
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