Circuit de Reyrevignes

Walks and hikes ,  Walking/pedestrian at Lachapelle-Auzac
17 km
  • A walk full of surprises through woods, from one resurgent stream to another, along with the hamlet of Reyrevignes and its charming Romanesque church. In the Lot Département, the wide stretches of limestone and the chemical action of water on this has created a very characteristic relief. By analogy with the site of Karst, in Slovenia, the term of "karstic relief" is used. The Martel Causse, a vast limestone plateau, is marked by numerous circular depressions caled "dolines" which play the role of water-collectors. Rainwater filters down into the rock through fissures, cracks and galleries. It then feeds into small networks which in turn rejoin underground streams.
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  • circuit de reyrevignes

    très joli circuit bien balisé. Les explications sont correctes sauf le départ du sentier pour lequel il faut indiquer non pas Lachapelle-Auzac mais stade de Lamothe Timbergues commune de Lachapelle-Auzac. dommage également que le dénivelé ne soit pas indiqué sur vos fiches.