Vue drone de Capdenac-le-HautVue drone de Capdenac-le-Haut
©Vue drone de Capdenac-le-Haut|Cyril Novello

Capdenac le Haut

Capdenac, the witness of a long human presence

Designated « Most Beautiful Villages in France », this is an island of stone suspended above the Lot

Only 4 kms away from Figeac, this village in which every stone exhales a breath of the Middle Ages was once the oppidum (hill fort) which was the scene of Caesar’s final battle against the Gauls.

A keep and remparts

Capdenac ? A keep, remparts, troglodytic fountains… and that unique feel of a Gallo-Roman fortress which captured Prosper Mérimée’s heart. « One of the most beautiful sites in France » said he, even then.

All this 110 meters above the river !

Look up !

The roofs are magnificent ! Three types of material and three different colors were used to create the village’s roofs. Flat tiles, lauzes (stone slabs) and pantiles.