Vue aérienne de LoubressacVue aérienne de Loubressac
©Vue aérienne de Loubressac|Agence Vent d'autan


One of the most "Beautiful Villages in France"

An unmissable halt in the Dordogne Valley

Emerging above the trees, the roofs of Loubressac touch the azure of the sky. A bit of brown, a touch of ocher, a dash of honey… and there, centered like a high point, the slate of the bell tower of the 13th and 16th century church dominates the whole.

The village stands on its promontory with its 15th century castle, its 14th century chapel, with its sculpted tympanum portal and its brown tiled houses. The panorama offers a view on the castle of Castelnau-Bretenoux and the towers of Saint-Laurent. 

View from the hilltop

Camped on a promontory offering a plunging view of the Bave and Dordogne valleys, Loubressac embodies a very medieval inspiration. The village is built on a rocky prow that can be spotted from afar. Built in the 13th century, this former castrum was the seat of a seigniory of the barons of Castelnau-Gramat. By strolling there for a few moments, we understand why the photographer Doisneau fell in love with it. We enjoy the beautiful season by discovering the streets, balconies, stairs and courtyards of the village.