Musée Municipal Armand Viré - Espace Ammonites / Espace Archéologique

Museum ,  Archaeology at Luzech
  • The Armand Viré Museum is composed of several exhibition spaces located in different places.
    In the vaulted hall of the building called the Consuls' house, the Armand Viré room contains items found during the various archaeological digs that have taken place in the local area and at the Impernal hill-fort.
    A second room has a collection of ammonites from the Upper Jurassic period found in Quercy.
    A third room called "Ichnospace" exhibits dinosaur footprints and tracks, in particular, a cast of a 60 sq. m. footprint, dating from about 140 million years ago.
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  • Guided visit single adult
    3 €
  • Free of charge
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    25 €
  • From January 2, 2017 until December 31, 2017
    Closed On Sunday
  • * Visite, toute l'année, uniquement sur réservation.
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