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It does not leave indifferent

We come by curiosity, we stay for its sweetness of life !

Montcuq-en-Quercy-Blanc stands on its mound in the heart of the Quercy Blanc, this sun-drenched territory where melon, lavender, sunflowers and grapes grow effortlessly. This small village owes its popularity to its name, which has been making people laugh for decades! This village was brought to light by Daniel Prévost in 1976, in the TV show Le Petit Rapporteur. It is by using and abusing puns around his name that the comedian made Montcuq known and considerably contributed to increasing his notoriety !

And if people come there first out of curiosity to see what this famous village looks like and take a picture of themselves in front of the sign, they stay there because in Montcuq there is a certain sweetness of life! You have to stroll through the charming medieval streets that run down the hill from the tower-dungeon, take a tour of the market on Sunday morning to meet local producers, swim in the Saint-Sernin lake (Blue Flag) , to understand how good it is to live here !

Montcuq and Nino Ferrer

A village on the via podensis

Montcuq is also a village-stop on the road to Compostela. It is possible to visit the village by following the marked out itinerary which leads step by step through the medieval lanes. And after the effort, the comfort, sipping a refreshment at a café terrace, before joining one of the many accommodations that the village offers to pilgrims in transit.

The church of Sainte-Hilaire in the heart of the village or the Chapel of Rouillac, 4 km from the center, are also places of passage where pilgrims stop to discover the brightly colored stained glass windows retracing the Christ’s life or the magnificent frescos.

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